Sunday, March 29, 2009

No, not shot with the G5. I would go nuts trying to do this with that camera. Tamron 90 Macro (manual focus). Kodak DCS full chip (14.5MP) camera. Thanks Eric for letting me borrow this. Lying around Sunday watching the cat (May). Wonderful things are always nearby.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A word about the name

Ikontakt Imago

Well, once upon a time I had a business, no, let me be honest, I had some business cards made, with the name Icontact Photography. I thought it was pretty smart at the time, a triple pun, containing, Eye contact, I contact, and Icon (Gk., the very image ). Lo and behold, when I went to start this blog I found (Duh!) everybody had something called Icontact. So much for the brilliance of my own mind. The name and spelling are my pathetic attempt to be unique (Hah!)

How it all started

As corny as it might seem, this is the image I credit for where I am today. It was shot probably with a Pentax Spotmatic on Tri-X
FILM. It was all about waiting, for the film to process, using the enlarger, exposing the paper, and putting it in the developer.
When this started to come up in the developer tray, I was amazed. While I appreciate digital, it does not have that same experience. I don't miss the smell of fixer on my hands though.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tech Stuff: I use different cameras for work. Many of the photos here will have been taken with the Canon Powershot G5. It's small, it has a fast lens f2.0-3.0. By today's standards it has a cranky focus in low light, not an action camera (unless you preselect where you think the action will be), all in all somewhat eccentric. Lots of noise, but I grew up with Tri-X, so I think of it as my Tri-X camera. A wonderful flip-out screen for different viewpoints.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Thought/Reflection
Although still photographs appear to be similar perhaps in theme or point of view each one is wonderfully it's own image, the result of an instant of visual decision, a very image (Icon)