Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Camera and the Mind's Eye

There is a definite disconnect between the eye and the camera. It is no new revelation. The camera just cannot see in the same way as the eye, the eye wins every time. Add to this visual frustration the mind's eye of what the photographer wants to see, what is in on on his or her mind.
I came upon these scenes, a crowded entrance on a cold, cold day. In my mind's eye it was the Enter, the waiting, the crowd. Never seen the entrance so crowded. The problem, my mind's eye saw this, the human eye could see this, the camera sees a series of problems. Reflections, extremes of light, are you nuts!
In the good old days this would be a challenge to be met with perhaps, a
lot of darkroom work, split contrast
dodging, burning, ferrocyanide, what
ever it took. But in any case it was the
commitment to uncover what the mind's
eye saw, and that was OK.
Today, digital with all it's marvelous
promises, still faces the same disconnect of camera and eye, with a new set of tools that with persistence can uncover the image the mid's eye sees.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Pursuit of The Whit Tiger Hat

  I admit it, things catch my eye and I pursue. It's not meant in any harmful way, I'm just fascinated and frankly sometimes a challenge presents itself. Down to my right, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a lady in a white tiger hat, a long shot, but just as I looked and twisted to take a shot, she looked down in my direction, I took the shot, maybe. The platform was very crowded , I made my way down towards her, hoping for a better picture. As it turned out we ended up jammed into the same car. Maybe it's a bit OCD, but I really liked the hat.