Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Commuted Sentences, In Passing

"What's on your mind?" An opportunity to post on Facebook phrase that leads off your Facebook page. This got me thinking as to what was on my mind, visually, and so I started to assemble pictures I took on my way back and forth to work, commuting. My day job is studio photography,  an excercise in obssesive placement of objects, lights, reflectors, gobos, fishing line, mirrors, and cameras. Then the post processing obcessions, layering, darkening, lightening, touching up, spotting. It's high res cameras, exspensive lenses, expensive lighting equipment, and patience  . Commuted Sentences and  In Passing are two projects that have  only the camera and obcessive post processing in common. A simple and maddeningly finicky Canon G5 camera and whatever passes across my mind relative to commuting replaces the studio. It is an excercise in lack of control, I see what  I want, but Idon't always get it. When I get something the sentences come from what friend calls "flypaper memory" , that and Wikipedia research. Enough  words, some pictures.....

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