Friday, April 26, 2013

Canon Powershot G5, Parting Shots

I know it's just a "thing", a camera, and a "point and shoot" camera at that, but I am going to miss my G5. It was a fickle mistress, slow to focus, grainy, noisy, and not up to speed with the newer generations of digital cameras. It had a dangerous habit of activating the flash mode, just when I wanted to be discreet and shutting down at the "decisive moment". Let's not talk too much about battery life, one minute, a full indicator, then a flashing symbol, then "recharge battery". On the other hand, it was small, it had a wonderful small flip out screen and a simple optical viewfinder, "accurate", nah, but close enough, and a fast lens f2.0~3.0 not one of those 16-300 f4.5~9.  A civil viewfinder focal length sort of the same as a Leica with 35, 50, 90mm. I worked it hard carrying it's ISO 200 (ISO 400 was too awful) into the darkest reaches of everyday commuting, and it delivered. It was therapy from the studio, and discretion on the street, goodbye old friend.

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