Thursday, February 3, 2011

DSLR Slide Scanning

On the basis of this article:, I got on Ebay and bought a Bowens Illumitran
slide copier and decided to give DSLR slide copying a try. First thing, the Bowens will not accept a digital camera body, so out went the bellows unit that came with the Bowens. I ended up mounting the camera on a copy stand and using the Bowens light source. I used a Kodak DCS-14n with a Tamron 90mm Macro with 1:1 adapter for the camera set up. Initial tests showed that at the lowest flash setting on the Bowens I needed to add a 2stop ND filter. The first slide I copied was fortunately an extremely contrasty scene of a New England Church in winter. I say fortunately because the resulting exposure holds both highlight and shadow information very well in RAW format and seems to work well with susequent slides. I was able to make a very nice 13X19 print from the file on my coal-fired Epson 1280. Seems to be a great way to digitally dupe 35mm slides,FAST.

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